The Modi government has been floating along without much trouble. They have started blaming the 'foreign hand' for the maoists' continued existence, revising their status to phantom terrorism. Stray reports occasionally emerge like Bloomberg acknowledging his right hand man Amit Shah's role in extortion racket and fake encounter case back when they ruled Gujarat. Shah will now lead BJP.

But this post is about their attack on history and education, a replay of BJP rule a decade ago. It has begun with appointing Y Sudershan Rao to the chairperson post of Indian Council of Historical Research. Newspapers have dug through his blog to find the ridiculousness. Leading historians Romila Thapar and DN Jha have questioned his appointment.

Here for you to despair over are some choice quotes from this asschap's interview.

Indian research has been far too dependent on the West to write its own history. We are dependent on their translations and interpretation.


This is post-colonial logic of 'enslavement through reason' which they have learnt from liberals. Neoconservatives have also become aware of historiography and stopped peddling naive mythology as history but that's another article.

We can't produce material evidence for everything. India is a continuing civilisation... We only have to look at the people to figure out the similarities in their lives and the depiction in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

  • This idea of continuity of 'India' through the ages is being institutionalized by them. They take it as a starting point too.
  • Historians haven't disregarded anthropology but I suspect he wouldn't know what is its role in the reconstruction of history.
  • Maybe it's nothing to be proud about, that people still lead lives similar to people from ancient times?

The question of untouchability is relatively recent, as recent as 3,000 years...

I can't even. YS Rao will live for 10000 years - not through his work but literally. #hinduvampire

I am a Hindu and a Brahmin. To be a Hindu isn't a religion. I can adopt religious practices of the community to which I belong‚ÄĒas a Shaivite or a Vaishnavite. But that is not what being a Hindu is about.


Even in this muddled mind, there lies a kernel of lived experience which defines Hinduism. Everyone has heard the 'Hinduism isn't a religion, it's a way of life/philosophy/state of mind/etc' spiel but there is some truth to it. Hindus are agnostic because the cycle of karma shapes morality, not god given commandments. To avoid the karmic cycle, you must follow the code of caste society.

Hinduism is not about rituals or deference to god. Hinduism is about the propagation of caste society through those rituals. A hindu is someone who is casteist. Unconscious casteists like YS Rao believe in the universal civilizing mission of Sanatana dharma. The only breed more depraved than a cynical liberal is an enlightened hindu.