To be found here and here in particular.

So there's this guy who thinks the government should buy his hookers for him. That's the distillation of this guy's website. Check out this line that he left on Jezebel after the article was written:

"They [women who don't put out] should be considered murderers because incel kills people. I have seen it before."

Yes, women who don't fuck you are a danger to the world. I love it when others make my argument for me, which is that, on a certain level, womens' bodies are considered public property, which is why we keep having this horrifying argument about abortion rights and safe sex. It's why a lot of things.

But anyhow, holy cow, this guy is just my favorite person now. There is nothing like a dummy who is willing to enunciate what others only vaguely hint at.


Or, if you want all his fuckery in one concentrated dose, go to his burner profile page.

[ETA] Upon further reading of this person's conversations, I think he's somewhere on the high-functioning autistic spectrum, which means insults are (even more) counterproductive (than usual). He needs someone very patient to explain to him what the female experience is. Very, very patient.