Things that bothered me about Season 2 (or that I missed the explanation for, due to poor attention span):

• Why did no security cameras at the subway station pick up Frank walking away? (I know, he was "in disguise," but still, wouldn't the cops want to look for anyone walking away from that area, moments after The Incident?) And wouldn't the cameras have picked up that Zoe was clearly talking to someone who was behind the construction barricade?

• Why did Claire, having returned from her failed trip to comfort Megan, have to carry her own luggage up the stairs? Come on, she's the Second Lady of the United States. Wouldn't she have staff around? (Picture Barbara Bush shlepping a suitcase up a flight of stairs.)

• Who believes the president had ever been friends with Raymond Tusk? They're from two different worlds.


• What "religious adviser" has a medical license and can prescribe Xanax? And how did everyone find out that the president was taking his wife's pills?

• How did Claire get away with not testifying at that rapist-general's court-martial?