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Illinois has seemingly skipped over Spring and went straight into Summer. Some places in this country actually had a snowstorm one day, then eleven days later faced daily temps in the 80s. Wild.

Seeing as Summer is my favourite season, I’m mostly okay with this. I decided to make 2018 “The Bucket List Year” where I do everything that’s held me back in life. I’ve been out to the east coast for the first time ever, I’m dating someone entirely different, I have my own place again, and I’m working on actually loving myself. In a couple weeks, I’ll also check “get a motorcycle license” off my list as well. I can’t wait to spend Summer nights storming down country roads with the wind in my face.

Today’s header video is from another one of my favourite YouTubers, Wendover Productions. The channel specializes in educational stuff you may not have already known about. He runs another channel called Half As Interesting with the same kind of content, but with shorter run times.


How’s everyone doing? Anything planned for the summer ahead? Anything new? Chat it out in today’s Cross Thread!