This probably isn't the ideal place for me to post this, but I'm at a loss, so what the hell. I'm working on polishing my book proposal for the novel I'm trying to get published, and every resource I've read mentions that it's really important to list hard statistics about your book's target market. But I'll be damned if I can figure out a way to locate that data.

I'm pretty smart when it comes to Googling, but I've yet to stumble across a resource that provides really good statistics about the urban fantasy and horror markets—recent sales numbers, information about the genres' fan-demographics, etc. I want to look like I know what the fuck I'm talking about, but right now, I'd just have to make up some fluffy shit. And I don't want to make up fluffy shit.


On an unrelated note, I looked up Clashtalk's stats on Quantcast and daaaamn, we get a LOT of traffic for a relatively small community. For all my bitching about Nick Denton, it's pretty crazy that my ties to Kinja are probably the biggest plank in my author platform.