I've been watching football for a long time now. I've seen plenty of players lose their helmets during play. When you think of the various things that are going on when such an event happens (the natural panic of "Hey, I'm the only guy not wearing a helmet surrounded by a bunch of guys who are!" the fact that helmets and their internal padding wreak havoc with guys' hair and foreheads, etc.), you realize that, aside from the excitement/terror of watching a guy run around without any protection for his brain, this is not an event you want to see.

And then there's this guy: Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel, who lost his helmet during a play. While he was running the ball. While he was being tackled running the ball. And who still managed to look like this.

My reaction, sitting in an office with (thankfully) no-one within earshot: "Good lord." A more to-the-point reaction from one of the DS commenters: "I think I just switched teams."