Last week, I was called in to take a pre-interview exam as part of the screening process to determine who made the cut to actually interview for a job. I got my scores immediately after the testing, they were not as good as I had hoped they would be, but I didn't bomb it embarrassingly bad either. Surely someone else did worse!

Anyway, on the desk were business cards but I didn't actually *meet* the person the business card was for. So how do I do this?

(Also, I'm leery of follow-ups. Last interview I went on went amazing, interviewer told me there were two spots she was considering me for but the pros and cons of me being and each spot;could I handle those? The pay, benefits, dress code, ins and outs of every.single person in the office, etc. I follow-upd with a nice email and then I was suddenly out of the running for the job. I have a professional email addy, no typos, the addy is in no way connected to my commenting history ha!)

EDIT: Just now. I'm an idiot. I send a followup email and left out my contact info.