In preparation for my sister's wedding, I will be getting a manicure and pedicure*. I think I've gotten a pedicure maybe once in my life, probably close to ten years ago. The last time I got a manicure I think was for my own wedding, over five years ago, and I was very distracted at the time and being coached by my bridesmaids who knew what they were doing. Are there rules to this sort of thing? What do I need to remember?

And do I want to do this shellac business I hear about? Sounds sturdy, which is a bonus because I am pretty sure I will chip my nails instantly, and this job has to last several days because I couldn't get an appointment day of or day before. Though I've also heard they're bad for your nails...? Is "gel" different from shellac? Is "acrylic" one of those, or is that fake nails?

Or maybe I should get fake nails and turn them into something useful instead.

I've already realized that I'll probably need to wear flip flops to the appointment, which sucks because it's still winter. At least it seems to be getting a bit warmer now.

And colors. Colors are a thing that must be decided too. I think I'll just do that French tip deal for my fingers because it goes with everything, but maybe like a pale pink for my toenails? My dress is dark green.


*I refuse to use the cutesy term for that; it just feels really wrong.