I have reached the end of my rope. Every interaction I have with my mother is awkward and unpleasant; a call from her can ruin an afternoon. It's to the point where the bad far outweighs the good and I think it's time for us to call it quits. Over the past few years I've become happier and more stable as I continue to reject her negative and panicky worldview.

This isn't the first time I've thought about cutting her off, but it's feasible now. And she has gotten progressively more miserable and narcissistic. She will never be proud of me, she will never show respect for me, and she will never believe in me.

Right now my plan is to go to my sister's wedding and quit cold turkey after that. There are other places for me to spend holidays and many, many people who love me and support this decision. I refuse to spend my middle-aged years taking care of a woman who dismisses everything I say and recites a litany of what could go wrong every time I make a decision - why I chose the wrong career, why I shouldn't work in that office, why my house is a dump, and why I'll never be a real adult ("if you had a baby I would come and take it from you. You wouldn't know what you were doing, you'd probably do something to it." Rich.)

This sucks but I no longer have the patience or energy. As a letter from my late father (to my sister, away at boarding school at the time) said, I have driven her insane since I was a small child, and she had a very hard time with me. I was about 9 when this letter was written and I discovered it a little more than a year ago.


Goodbye, Mom. It's time for us to give up. Thank you for the few good things, and thank you for my life. I have to live it without you now.