Hello CT friends. I just returned home from stint #2 in the hospital. After spending four days at home, it became apparent that the antibiotic I was sent home with was not doing the job. So after an initial five nights in the hospital, I got to spend an additional SIX nights in the hospital on IV antibiotics. Long story short, I am now home with IV antibiotics that I get to administer myself. With any luck I will not live a life of recurrent abdominal infection. All this because the new abscesses that formed are not reachable by drain or surgery. All avoidable shit that could have been stopped with a simple appendectomy. Original post below.

This is going to head up the chapter entitled “Don’t Let This Happen to You,” (I Love Lucy reference, for all you infants out there) of my as-yet-unwritten memoir.

Here’s the tip. Ruptured appendix. just say no.

Say no when they tell you they didn’t get your appendix to show up on the CT scan with contrast. Say no when they then tell you they can’t give you another scan with contrast within 24 hours because it will harm your liver.

Say no when it takes a radiologist approximately 16 hours to read your second scan, so that by the time they tell you your appendix has ruptured, you have already been an inpatient for nearly two days

Say yes that they were smart enough to start you on antibiotics while waiting for the second CT to be performed, which is what probably kept you alive.


Say no to excruciating pain worse than childbirth that lasts for several days, disgusting hip drains, and the inability to have even water pass your lips for 4 and a half days.

Then say no to the actual appendectomy that you have to schedule when all of this other disgustingness is over.


Say yes to your helpful family and friends and your almost all growed up daughter who holds down the fort and thank God can drive now.

Say yes to having some serious beef with this hospital when all this shit is over.


Say yes to nurses, all of the nurses, who are all the best jewels in the universe.