Why are we arguing about 50s racism? particularly since it keeps us from discussing a clown's sexual hangups?

Over on i09, someone did a post about the children's book, Bozo and His Rocket Ship, calling it Probably the Most Racist Rocket Trip ever and I just got done responding to someone who "seriously" wanted to know how it was considered racist since it doesn't imply Bozo's superiority. He wasn't even the worst as there were nongrey commenters simply asserting that it wasn't racist. WTF. I guess if the cartoon isn't "Bozo Goes to a Lynching," it isn't racist.

It's not even interesting to talk about how racist it is, but since everyone is so busy picking apart the racism so that you can't actually see it anymore and I'm grey, no one is taking up the important subtext of Bozo's fear of sexual inadequacy. C'mon, the Eiffel tower is too big for that little girl to handle? The bull is too sick to "perform"?


Fuck Bozo anyway. What asshole has access to a rocket ship and stays on earth?

Edited because racism makes me unable to spell.