Chicken and pasta have had many children together. They for centuries have been great companions. Here is my take on a well traveled dish.

Ingredients: chicken breast if frozen thawed, a small bucket, not a technical term of ricotta cheese, at least 5 to 6 ounces, some kind of Parmesan cheese, I mean it is your choice on the cheese you can class it up or fucking go cheap, heavy whipping cream, minced garlic, spinach, choice of noodle, and an egg.

Start off by butterflying your chicken from the fattest end of the breast. I repeat the fattest end. Set them back in the fridge with all of them being one piece of chicken.

Grab the tub of of ricotta and put it in a mixing bowl with parm an egg, finely chopped spinach, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix that shit up really good. You want a really thick texture. Now those almost split in half piece of chicken, stuff them with that mix you just made. Keep in mind you over stuff those breast they are going to run all over the place like a prolapsed implant. About 2 ounces a breast is plenty. Throw those in the oven at 350 till they are done, so like 20 to 30 minutes, or when your thermometer says they are done.

Mean while back on your stove top, bring a pot of water to a boil. My first real cooking teacher told me the water should be,”salty like the sea”. Cool story, never tasted salt on my pasta till I was finishing it off.

Now the Florentine parm cream sauce itself. Add some butter, minced garlic to a saute pan. This part actually needs your parm pretty finely chopped. Add the heavy cream to the pan, let it get hot, then add the Parmesan to it till it Robin thickens up a bit. Add whole spinach to it. Stir till the spinach wilts up and is swallowed by the sauce, you are going to find what might seem like a ton of spinach, is actually a little less once it has some heat on it. A good rule of thumb also applies to using hard narcotics; you can always do more, but if you go heavy you really can’t take it back. In other words, start off light, and work your way up to a comfortable spinach level.


Add whatever pasta that had a cool shape and that caught your eye to the sauce. This is also an eyeball kinda test, consider your sauce to noodle ratio. Too little sauce you are eating noodle, to much you are eating soup. Toss the noodles in the sauce. If you don’t know how to toss pasta in a pan, practice flipping a piece of bread and catching it in the pan. Same thing.

Okay your chicken should be done now. I like to do one cut, long ways personally and serve over the pasta, but it’s your dinner at this point.

Bam, this should either get you laid or put ya to sleep, or both.