My brother just this last week was brought up on Meth charges. He is done. He went through drug court once. I am pretty sure he is going down now. His life is over. I guess it was over long before this, and I knew it was.

I would be a liar if I said this wasn't the most painful piece I have ever put on Clash. He is done. He is going to go to prison or jail for a good chunk of time.

My dad thought he would sucker punch me and tell me this in the middle of a small pool swaray that I was having at my complexes pool. He then went on to blame me for leaving town, abandoning my family when they are most in need and in general was a total asshole.

My heart is absolutely broken. Shattered.

You cannot MAKE anyone do something. You cannot be a crutch to somebody elses disease, you cannot tell, make, or live through anybodies decisions. It wouldn't matter if I was there, it wouldn't matter who was there. It is your life. You need to own every piece of it. The worst things that ever happened to me are things I did to myself. The best things that have happened to me were always things that I learned from somebody else.

My brothers name is John. It means "God is Gracious". Well god, let me see that grace.