I seem to attract all the crazies. The mater agrees. Case in point:

- Being accused of stealing money from a check. When I asked "wtf? How can I do that?", being told that I need to go to the check writer and get more money from her.

- Asking if buying weight loss pills off of a popup ad video was a good idea.

- Asking if pouring water to remove snow in minus 40C/F weather would work.

- Accusing me of using the printer because the black coloured writing on some of my printouts match the black ink in the cartridge.

- Trashing used tp and flushing Bounty/sanitary products because, yes, that makes sense.

- Wearing high heels with pjs and walking back and forth in the living room at 5/6 am, because exercise. While listening to religious music.

This doesn't include the lady who tried to stab me with a fork, pour detergent in my food and call me a witch because I was performing black magic to steal her knowledge.