I'm taking it as a given and not a weird cultural thing that newsagents/news stands have adult magazines on the top shelf in the US too. I was buying a generic caffeine drink at the garage come shop yesterday, on the way to the chiller thing I happened past the magazine shelfs. Gazing to the top shelf with my eyes and not upwardly tilting my chin (because I'm not a pervert), I saw the magazine "40 Plus". Obviously the ethos 40 Plus is to use models over the age of 40. There was also a 50 Plus too.

Atop the cover of this magazine was topless woman covering her breasts with her hands.

It struck me, this model was so attractive and even though you could tell she wasn't in her early twenties she didn't look 40 either. Surely if you buy an adult magazine titled 40 Plus you'd expect to see someone that looks over 40.

I really dig the allure of an older woman and I get their are plenty of people who still look in their 30s at forty. But then why title a magazine as 40plus and not use models who could in their 30's?

I chalked it up as one of life's great mysteries and drove home.