I’ll never be able to.

Gawker and its sister sites (and, especially, Clashtalk and Crosstalk) raised me. Its biting tongue, wry humor and take-no-prisoners attitude towards journalism intrigued the young and aspiring writer in me. The cynical, daring and progressive commenters gave me a home.

From the time I was 15 until today I viewed gawker daily. I did not always agree with what was posted (notably, I had a long-running and entirely one sided feud with Hamilton Nolan). I did always think that it would be a great place to cut my teeth.

And now it’s gone. If its staff is to be believed, it was killed by a billionaire with an agenda. If everyone else is to be believed, it was a suicide in slow motion, a death from a million self-inflicted paper cuts.

A little bit haughty, a lot smarmy, and always relevant. That's how I will remember Gawker. That's what I'll never forget.