dang they are right

Gahr says he had everything going for him except color. On his application he listed that he was white and Jewish. But he was willing to have color โ€” literally. He asked Smith early on if visiting tanning salons would help his chances and sufficiently make him a journalist of color.

"I had all the right qualifications for the program โ€” a track record of nationally-recognized investigative reporting about race discrimination and sexual harassment lawsuits and a proposal for a blockbuster story about police departments covering up the arrests of their own officers โ€” except melanin. And it's ironic that Smith who has implemented an illegal quota program for the sake of black people he considers hapless and unable to compete on their own merits refuses to report that The Washington Post is being sued for race discrimination."

He cracked to The Mirror, "Maybe I should have written โ€” per Jesse Jackson โ€” that I am a 'Hymie-American.' Does that sound more diverse?"

Gahr also cites his father's medical practice as a place where he interacted often with black patients. He said he had extensive conversations with them. "I have probably had more interactions with different sections of the black community than Wesley Lowery," he said, referring to the cranky WaPo reporter who writes and tweets expansively and angrily about racial issues.