After surviving without a smartphone of any kind, I finally broke down. After weeks (months, really) of agonizing about priorities, budget, etc., I bought my first iPhone. I was paying (with taxes) over $100 per month for service (Verizon) for my daughter's and my dumbphones which have long since been off contract (I did get the payment lowered after the contract ran out. Yes, I was actually paying more!) I bought two Virgin Mobile iPhone 4s for $200 per, and my monthly bill will be about $65 (for two phones) with taxes, for unlimited data (first 2.5 GB are high speed), unlimited text and 300 talk min per phone. I figured that even after buying Apple Care + for both phones, I will come out even in two years. Actually I will be a little ahead of the game since I now do not have to buy a camera to replace my daughter's broken one. This was a huge huge decision for me. I have spent months doing research, waiting for the supposed "cheaper" iPhone that never happened, etc. I still feel a little guilty but I have to remember that in the long run I made a wise financial decision.