TV station until I started working there. Since then, I've discovered the comedy goldmine (and major source of facepalms) that is its official Facebook page. It doesn't seem to be moderated too closely, so people are pretty much free to say whatever. Last week, people were complaining about how unprofessional the morning news anchors are. This week people are butthurt over this ridiculously awful story from the Missouri State Fair about a rodeo clown dressed as Obama. We ran our own coverage of this event, and here are a sampling of comments from local folks. (I suck at doing screenshots, so this is what you get. These are all verbatim.)

  • "Full support he didn't do anything that has not been done before. People need to grow thicker skin."
  • "Isn't there more important issues the media and the president should worry about and take care of than what a clown does at a fair?"
  • "How does this take disrespect to a new level. This sort of thing has been done to every president republican or Democrat."
  • "This is just what president Obama wants to do. It's called smoke and mirrors. He's been doing for years. He creates a diversion so we the people don't pay attention to how he and the government are screwing up."
  • "This is ridiculous, no one opened an investigation when they did it to Hilary, George W or Nixon, I am so tired of anyone who does anything to slam Obama being called a racist! Were the folks who were anti Hilary, Bill & George racists?? I think this rodeo clown needs an apology and his termination and banning should be rescinded, this is just getting too radical for my tastes!! If we started a white Naacp we would be racists, why are they not considered the same?? Geesh guys, we need to get real here!!"
  • "There are people out there just waiting to pounce on stuff like this. Some think its a race thing but if it were then it had to be a race thing when they used a bush and Clinton mask. Most people are like me and not care what color ANYONE is.. We've had idiots in office before, now its just a half black idiot."

Thank god I don't have any editorial input at the station; I don't think I'd be able to handle shit like this for very long.