And I have some thoughts about the series overall. (Spoilers, if you haven't watched it.)

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton are national treasures as far as I'm concerned. I totally believed their marriage, their lives together, all of it. I think they are both amazing actors.

I read that the actors were given a lot of leeway to ad lib. I think this is where you separate the pros from the wannabes. The seasoned actors like Chandler and Britton just ran with it. So well done.

The girl who played their daughter, and the guy who played her boyfriend Matt Saracen, are terrible. I can give the Matt character a little bit more of a pass because one can assume that his character was intended to be super boring, but, ugh. I also got the sense that maybe he was playing the character that way in order not to give away his real age, to seem younger. But whatever the reason, he sounded like a robot a good part of the time. And the daughter was just totally unbelievable (I don't mean that in a good way, I mean you couldn't buy her character) in every scenario, with every other person she had a scene with. She really stuck out because almost every other person on the show was just phenomenal, believable, and real.

I like the way they wrapped it up. I was so glad that Tami got her chance to fulfill a career dream. Did you not just love Matt Saracen's grandmother? I thought she did a phenomenal job.


Interestingly, I have not seen any of these actors in anything else (except Kyle Chandler in Super 8, long before I watched this show), although I know many of them have been in other vehicles.

Share your thoughts on the series. I miss it!

ETA: Apparently I have seen Connie Britton before since she was in The West Wing. I can't place her in it although I watched the whole series last summer. Also, I forgot a couple of late entrants into my good/bad actor review pool. I liked the two young female additions in the last couple seasons, Jess and Becky. I thought they both did solid work. But oh, that kid who played Luke Cafferty. They must have found him the same place they got the Matt Saracen kid. I totally did not believe the chemistry with him and Becky.