Joe Hill signed both Heart Shaped Box and the first Locke & Key book, Welcome to Lovecraft. I got to tell him how I feel about his writing and how much it means to me. AND I GOT TO HUG HIM AND TAKE A PICTURE WITH HIM (which is up at the clubhouse).

When I woke up this morning, I thought, "What if I got to hug Joe Hill today?" And that felt like the most amazing, distant possibility in the world. AND NOW I HAVE DONE IT.

It was such a hard week, and today was a day of unadulterated joy. Afterwards, we ate food at a big street festival right outside the bookstore, and I just felt purely happy. I will always remember this day.

Physically, I held up really well too. I wonder if the happiness did that. My husband and sister said it's probably because I was flooded with endorphins. I was the only person in the line hopping up and down and clapping their hands.