Sure, I guess it was always theoretically possible, but I didn't know how one might actually go about doing it (badmouthing hockey? eschewing sensible health care and gun control laws? demanding that an apology for Dave Coulier?).

In the case of Norm Macdonald, apparently what it takes is badmouthing newly-minted Nobel laureate Alice Munro, as Bret Easton Ellis (who, on Twitter, seems to be the literary version of whatshername...Drunky McFlowerpot—I genuinely can't remember off the top of my head, am grateful for that fact, and am not looking it up to refresh my memory) did after she won.

While I recognize that Ellis is a genius at the genre of weary disaffectedness—and sure, who doesn't spend most of his or her time gloomily jerking off at the ennui of it all?—at some point, well, a troll is a troll, and while I'm not the biggest fan of Macdonald or tweeting, I can appreciate the simplicity of "Brett Easton Ellis saying Alice Munro is overrated=Beatlemania saying The Beatles is overrated. Not only can he not write, he can't read."