I start a new job next week - a brand new, career-ish, bitching job that is almost double the salary the last place was paying me - after leaving my old job last week. I've basically been bingeing on TV and alcohol and finally, today, had to say NO MORE DRINKING.

Four days in a row and some, uh, slightly poor decisions later (including making out with a girl I know who is married, whoops) I am ready to straighten myself and do Productive Things. I went grocery shopping, bought a bunch of delicious meats to cook, scrubbed the kitchen clean after my roommate left it looking like the aftermath of dinner service jointly run by the Three Stooges and the less competent cast members of Hell's Kitchen, I have a book all picked out and I'm going to slather myself in Sunblock 5000 so the Texas sun doesn't incinerate me on contact, and lounge by the pool and visualize all the fun things I can do now that I'm not working for fucking magic beans anymore.

Also, seriously, this is the fourth (fifth? maybe?) married women in the last four years that has made a serious play for me. What. The. Fuck.