To another county, where my dad's friend (the founder of that office) and his brother (a judge) are going to call the boss at that office and put in a good word for me. They seem really on top of it but my interview hasn't been scheduled yet.

Am freaking out a little because I will have to go there in person somehow, and that is going to be hard to explain at my present job, where I am essentially on probation for not being in the office enough. I told the office manager at the other place I'd have to do a phone or late afternoon interview. She hasn't been able to talk to him about it yet. I hope that shows extreme dedication and that I get away with this.

Also, on being fired (thank you Graby) if it happens, I am just going to go home, take my dog to the BIG dog park where we can walk in the woods together, and come home to cry into my Chardonnay. Then I will move the fuck on because I am miserable beyond belief here and cannot wait for whatever way out presents itself.