and to say I've been anxious about it is an understatement.

I got a job offer from the local TV station pending a background check and the drug test. Y'all know I'm a stoner. If I had known this place tested, I wouldn't have applied, or at least thought twice about it. However, I didn't find out until the interview, and I've been freaking out ever since. I haven't smoked in about a week, which is helpful, but it takes a full month for everything to leave the system. I've been drinking a lot of water, cranberry juice and dandelion tea, plus taking B-vitamins to make sure my urine stays yellow (TMI, sorry). Nonetheless, I've been crying a lot, and I haven't been able to sleep the past few nights.

I know if I fail, and I don't get the job, it's one less reason I have to stay in town, and I can try to move away sooner. On the other hand, despite my general attitude of marijuana, fuck yeah!, there's still a part of me that's going to feel like a total piece of shit if I fail the test. Someone just shoot me now.