Store That Shall Not Be Named, and in the parking lot I saw a car with a bumper sticker that had a Confederate flag on it and said something like, "Fighting terrorism since 1861." Say what? Is that implying the Union Army was made up of terrorists? The Civil War was about terrorism? Huh?

I should note that this car had Iowa plates. Despite, or maybe because of, the idiocy of the sticker's message, I wouldn't be surprised to see it on a Missouri vehicle. Missouri was a notorious border state during the CW — it was almost evenly split between the northern and southern halves of the state. Nonetheless, even though I live in the extreme northeastern corner of the state, it's not completely unusual to see a Confederate flag adorning something from time to time.

I expect a lot more out of Iowa/ns, though. Iowa is generally a lot more progressive than Missouri (hello, gay marriage!). Furthermore, I just checked, and while technically a Union state, zero CW battles were fought in Iowa. Your state wasn't even involved in the Civil War, Mr. Confederate Flag Bumper Sticker. You're lucky I didn't key your car, bitch.