...And it’s scary as fuck.

For the last few months I have been trying to figure out the angle of the GOP. They hate Trump yet they allowed him to go all the way. Why? They knew if they pulled him out they would have a riot on their hands, so instead they doubled down. They convinced Trump to run Pence as VP. Pence alines with the GOP perfectly, and to be honest is the fucking devil in the eyes of the Left. It was all a con game, and they played Trump (and the American public) like a fucking fiddle.

Who hates Trump? The left. Who would gnash their teeth at his impeachment? The left. Who would be so embroiled in the bloodbath not to notice the outcome of his impeachment before it was too late? The left. All the GOP has to do is wait for him to fuck up really bad. He will fuck up really bad. Let the Christians lose their shit (they will), start a quick trial being the majority it will be well prepared and quick, the left jumps up and down waiting for the head to roll, and BAM! The GOP has full control, full power, and can do whatever it wants without the retarded oompa loompa, monkey to fucking get in the way.

That’s how the GOP solved the Trump problem, and it’s an absolute masterclass in spin doctor. It’s evil genius shit. You were worried before? This is next-level-pants-shitting right here.