Holy fucking shit The Sopranos is so good (yes I am extremely tardy for this particular party). I just finished watching the first three episodes of Season 6 and the imagery is really haunting. I can't shake the coma dream from my head, it really got under my skin, just the twilight mood of it all, the vaguely Lynchian symbols, the autumnal cinematography. I know Matthew Weiner wrote/directed some of the later episodes, that man really knows how to capture a sense of dread/impending doom. I wonder if I would have liked Mad Men as much as I do if I'd seen this show first; they are similar stylistically and somewhat thematically. Also I like seeing the general "mood" in modern times as compared with the 60s.

Also, did Edie Falco ever win an Emmy because hot damn is she talented. The scene where she's crying (not afraid to ugly cry) while American Girl is playing in the background - wrenching and surreal.