You can tell a lot about a person based on their taste in pop culture. Obviously, there are no universal truths, but if your nerdgasms come from Star Wars + Beatles, chances are, we’re pretty compatible. If your favorite Christmas song is Father Christmas by the Kinks, you’re probably my secret BFF.

But then there are those pop culture phenomena where all of your friends are totally infatuated, but you just don’t get it. So you either pretend to like it and change the subject whenever you can, or you scream from the rooftops that everyone you love is an insufferable moron. What is that for you? What is loved by everyone that you love, but you find to be god awful? For me, it’s Wes Anderson movies. I want to like them so much, but....ugh, I just can’t. Wes Anderson movies are what you see when you google “pretentious upper-middle class liberal white person.” Which, I FUCKING AM. (Minus the “upper” part.) Maybe that’s why I don’t like them? I don’t know, I just find Wes Anderson so insufferable. But, generally speaking, almost every Wes Anderson fan that I know is a pretty awesome person.

So what is your thing that you hate that everyone that you love loves?