I am not a chef. I mean this in the most literally applicable terms. Now, I may be a skilled cook, but chef is a word that gets tossed around so much, journalist, might think they can be one. From Tom scocca to the lamest print journalist, everyone has an opinion on food.

Twinja, if you ever follow it,it is full of garbage hot takes about, why you know so much about the industry. It is a form of disrespect that takes on so many shades, it hurts when people call themselves journalist, when we are starved for good journalist.

I guess my buttermilk pancakes for brunch tomorrow and pan seared sea bass with a bacon cranberry compote over Jasmine rice is good enough.

Today, somebody will not like my food. They won’t like my mussels in a fresh crushed tomatoes Diablo sauce, they won’t like my prime rib sandwich with tomato basil garlic aoili.

I love reading journalist, but not overwrought crybabies that think they could walk any mile of my profession.


Love the food in front of you.