I mean, sure, years of students and colleagues have told me the same thing, and I've been casually (and at times not-so-casually) been looking at other places from time to time, but every now and then one has a revelation, a smack-to-the forehead moment of going, "That's what I should have been doing all along!" In my case, that points in one direction: conference organizing.

You remember Dashcon, right? While I read about that one, I learned of a bron...a br...I can't bring myself to type the word—a convention of My Little Pony enthusiasts (which, for the record, I don't particularly have a problem with—if you like it, go nuts) that ended with the convention organizer bailing before the end (with a good amount of cash in hand) and attendees and bloggers who covered the event passing the hat to make sure the talent didn't get completely screwed over.

And now this, from the Minecraft fan community (having never played Minecraft, I still can't believe it's A Thing, but again, no judgment): a convention cancelled at the last minute, after over $500,000 was raised.

A couple of important questions: 1) How the hell do you raise $500,000 for a convention dedicated to a single video game? 2) No, really, how do you do it? 3) How do I get in?

I've helped organize conferences, so I know how to make things look offiicial. I don't really know the difference between right and wrong (and isn't "wrong" just a social construct anyway?), so I'll happily take your money. And, come on, half a million dollars? I say let's go all in and tie as many things as possible together: who's up for helping me organize a combined Scientology/Waitress Who Didn't Get a Tip convention?


In fairness, I might be a bit unfair to the Minecraft convention, as the lead organizer makes it clear that it is not a scam: