Thanks to the generosity of so many people, I now have enough beta readers! In fact, more beta readers than I ever expected! Thank you, from the bottom of my black little heart, for being so gracious with your time. I am crazy-excited to work with all of you!

I am within a few days of finishing a new set of revisions on Dreamer, the first novel in my urban fantasy/horror trilogy. I'm looking for beta readers to give it a test drive.

What is beta reading?

Beta readers are just what they sound like. They're not editors. They're people who read manuscripts and provide input about their reading experience. (In geeky tech terms, beta readers usability test a book.) Click here if you want a more in depth explanation of how beta reading works.

What is Dreamer?

Dreamer is a horror-heavy, tragicomic urban fantasy trilogy about a woman with magical powers, who makes her living in the Pacific Northwest by hunting nightmarish monsters that are spawned in dreams and run amok in the human world.


Some of the beings are hideous, like creatures shat out of hell's bowels when the devil has indigestion. Some are absurd: monsters made of birthday cake, Christmas presents with a taste for flesh, and strip club terrorizing breast-beasts.

Jabberwockies—nonsensical monsters as variable as dreams themselves—share a handful of traits in common: they are all physically unique in form; silver hurts them something fierce; and Morgan Miserie has enthusiastically hunted them since she started working as a Dreamer at the age of 19, armed with a fake ID to pass herself off as old enough to wear the gauntlets and silver-capped boots of her trade.


When Morgan embarks on a mission to find the jabberwocky she blames for her father's tragic death, her enthusiasm veers into dark obsession. Secretly, she begins abusing a drug to enhance her magic. As her experimentations spin out of control and her mental state deteriorates, she must grapple with consequences that challenge everything she believes about herself and her career.

Are you the beta readers I'm looking for?

  • Readers who are familiar with and like urban fantasy and horror are especially helpful, although all readers are good readers.
  • Dreamer is about 110,000 words, or approximately 450 pages. I'm looking for people who can read it in a time frame of two weeks (three weeks, tops).
  • When you're done reading, there will be a feedback form to fill out on my website.
  • Manuscripts will be sent out to beta readers about a week from now.
  • Beta readers will receive free, signed copies of the book when it's published, a thank you in the acknowledgements, and my fierce and undying gratitude.
  • I was a finalist for Dreamer in a prestigious and very hard literary contest, so in theory, I know what the fuck I am doing with this whole writing thing, and you will enjoy yourself. :)


If all of this sounds interesting to you, click here to fill out a beta reader form.