So instead of going to Reddit, I'll go here. I just got through my second job interview in a week. I nailed it, of course. The thing is...I've kind of already accepted a position at this company's direct rivals and when I got home, I had a message about needing to make a schedule for that job.

I'd much rather work at the company I just got through interviewing with...they're paying me more, and they're easier to get to. However, I'm not entirely sure if I have the job yet. I'm like 85% sure I've got it. So what am I supposed to say to the company that left me the message? I don't want to say that I'm no longer interested in the position, because I'm not completely sure I've got the other job. But I don't want to create a schedule, then call them back 36 hours later saying I can't do it.

So, Clashtalk, the best advice givers on the internet, what should I do?