I used to think that hipsters are only people who call others 'hipsters', scared of being found out as shallow. Today I have witnessed a hipster troll in action.

Over on the Andre3k becoming Hendrix post, some burner troll (with no avatar!) posted something about Hendrix as a symbol for cool but that mofo never returned to the thread. Instead, some dude 'Reg Titswell' jumps in about how he had good PR.

A hunned posts later, dude still hasn't posted any music he thinks is better. He says there were better guitarists on the Chitlin' Circuit and some even wrote better songs. This is the definition of hipster - a scene kid who saw everyone's deals and still thinks like a 'cool' kid. He has

  • no sense of sound,
  • of what Hendrix did to realize the sound of electric guitar,
  • bringing distortion/noise one step close to being considered music &
  • developing a sound different from everyone else on the Chitlin' Circuit.

p.s - sorry for clogging the feed today. If anyone knows what, if any, songs Jimi was lifting from others on the circuit, please post them. Is Terry Kath that good?


Good night folks.