In lieu of better television, I'll take it. The summer slump is always a drag. Khaleesi isn't going to be lording over Yunkai in the months of July. Gotta be entertained somehow.

But I have to say, I enjoyed it more the second time around without all the hype and the criticism. Do you remember one of the main plot points? That the government has a broad spying program that allows them to listen into phone conversations, and that the parent corporation was using that same technology to mine info for their gossip magazine? Remember that government official that provided the leak? Beef stew? Prescient.

There is entirely too much purposeful walking in that show. The opening credits is nothing but extremely sincere people gesticulating with intensity. Fuck you Sorkins. Do you know who's allowed to stride purposefully across my tv screen? Joss Whedon characters who are literally battling the end of the world. Admiral Adama, who must protect the very last of humanity. Everyone else must walk at a normal pace.

All the soaring music and poignant speechifying sure are annoying. But I think the show manages to serve a purpose. It demonstrates to us the way journalism is intended to work, and how it might look if it weren't irreparably broken. I find that interesting. And, even if you hate it, I think Sorkins' message is slowly penetrating into the gestalt. And that's good. I suppose.

Also, I kind of care of about Maggie and Jim, the aspiring journalists. Sure, they're destined to get together, and Sorkins is making us sweat it out. Good for him. Then again, maybe I just enjoy staring at Alison Pill with her dewy skin and frantic cocker spaniel energy.

As for the main characters, Will McAvoy and Mackenzie McHale, well whatever. I don't have much to say, nor am I terribly invested in their success. But Daniels and Mortimer are decent enough actors. I'm hopeful for the second season. Plus Marcia Gay Harden is going to be on the second season, and Jane Fonda looks amazeballs. (Seriously, I wish my body were as tight as hers.) Sorkins is actually prepared to hire aging women, many of whom are fantastic actors. That alone makes the show worthy of our attention.

Anywho, the second season premieres Sunday, July 14th. Will anybody else be watching it with me?