It seems Io9 and Jezebel won't let me have a choice.


Was skimming Io9 because I haven't read it in a while and there's a photo of a dead person in the header of a story from last week. After their huge memento mori photo collection last year I decided I'd had enough of looking at photos of dead people. It's not shocking or triggering, and I have no problem with re-enactments, I just don't like seeing actual dead people. And an iconic photograph or not - still a dead person.

A misstep imo - they would probably garner more clicks if they say the photos are under the tag instead of the header. It's natural for some to be curious. I'm just way past that point and would rather have the choice to not see it.

And I'm bitching about it because really, should I have to decide to cut out reading some pop culture blogs because I don't like stumbling onto photos of dead people? That shouldn't even be an issue. Hello, Gawker Media? WTF.