Back before the nice pills came around to calm me, I used to write these long stream of anxiety pieces and post them here at Clashtalk. I thought I might want to collect them and save them so any future generations of the Zuzax family could see just how fucking weird granddad really was.

My page has some, but not nearly all of these manifestos. It has twelve total posts, but I know there’s more, since I can find them if I search with the Google, when limiting it only to things with “Zuzax” in it on This yields many, many things that are not amongst the random twelve, as I have a high chaff to wheat ratio. I was under the impression that anything I did would show up under my own page.

Anyone know of a better way to force Kinja to show everything? I don’t trust it to be a caring curator of my output.

EDIT: It seems that if I choose the “My Blog” under my icon in the upper right it only shows the aforementioned 12 posts. If I click on my name in blue as the author of this post, I get everything I’ve done. Mystery solved, but why does “My Blog” only show twelve posts? What do others get when they click on my name at the top of the post versus going to