She doesn’t like the movies he’s made since Day After Tomorrow?? She thinks he should be in rom-coms?

He plays a nerd, albeit one that looks like he was designed in a lab for extremely good-looking people; he’s got enough dark, chestnut-y hair to run your fingers through, a kind smile and an honest laugh, and I already went over his eyes.

Did she watch Okja? Because there was literally nothing attractive about him in that particular movie. Maybe this is just my cold talking, but this article is literally one the of dumbest takes I’ve read on Jez all week.

I think I should note my personal relationship with Gyllenhaal: He once almost bumped into me on the corner of Grand and Mercer and I gave him a dirty look before realizing it was him. Also, we were once on the Q train together and I was standing right next to him and he’s very handsome. That is all.