Despite it being the Post, there’s some interesting financial tidbits about Gawker (like Denton’s salary) that have come to light during the proceedings. Gawkers’s minimal take on the recent technical delay makes it sound like they scored a victory, whereas the Post details a temporary escape amongst the more interesting financial deposition info.

Of note:

“The company was growing below the [rate of growth] of other companies in the market, so it was a relatively slow-growing, not very profitable company, which is kind of a bad place to be,” said Horan at one point in a deposition in response to a question on Gawker’s finances.

“It’s OK to be growing 50 percent a year and not making any money. It’s OK to be making 40 percent profit margin and growing real slowly. But it is kind of tough to be slow-growing and not very profitable,” Horan continued.

I suppose this is the eventual outcome of letting A.J. Daulerio run wild while redefining commenting as we know it.