This isn't a swipe or back handed insult, compliment, or nuffinks of the sort. Just that while I sometimes don't participate on the more salacious threads I sure love reading them and due to the number of comments and pageviews most other people do too. Like I said I don't really comment when the drama goes down (or make much sense in general) and I tend to keep my input level set to "inane". One thing that caught my attention though is the discussion (in a round about way) of the dynamics between Clashtalk, Groupthink and Crosstalk. See I was going to say "Crosstalk new" then realised that HMS Clashtalk and the good frigate Crosstalk are now completely different entities, except some of the crew occasionally swap posts, same with GT and Clash'.

I've been posting to this message board for very nearly two years (couple of crimbo's back) , not that I mention that in a way of entitlement or sense of one-upmanship. Nor am I by the longest stretch considered an early commenter here, a great mind, noble thinker, a font of wit or master of prose. Just in the sense of Clashtalk explanations I've been here a little while.

(fuck I hope this isn't too rambley, I sort of have the essence of what I want to say so bear with me please)

To explain Clashtalk and it's community from my own perspective:

Originally Clashtalk was what Crosstalk is now (in fact it was actually, Crosstalk); a group of people that hung around the Gawker site that valued the snarky nature of the beast and shared shit with each other. Much in the same way Jezzie's are drawn to Groupthink (common interests loosely stemming from the mainpage material) Then the incarnations of the site redesign struck. The forums where being struck off by kinja . The commenter Quantum Suicide set us up on Jezebel, pre their redesign under the Clashtalk banner. Then when Jez got totalled Hung daddy set up an offsite forum that still exists to hold together our loose cluster. Now Foofypants or the Foofster (because I give everyone nicknames at least in head) saved us again and set Clashtalk as it is now and blossomed this community space.

So there's loads of history I missed, loads before my time and loads of other stuff but that essentially is a potted history of the URL's and internet positions of here, clashtalk terrafirma.


The reason for the history lesson:

When a commenter group goes through that much upheaval and bouncing about of web-space, it's because we value what it is we came to have. And there are some great examples of people from this group helping each IRL. There is a sense of community here that prevails. It may not always be seen, people enjoy the snark but I like to think we all value each other. (that's not too group handjobs is it?)

The blending process that made Clashtalk what it is, means that there will always be a certain vibe ( I can't describe it) we haze, we snark, we mutually take the piss. But it narks me when it's described as clique-ish. It fucking well IS NOT. New insights, sources of humour and more importantly new people are always welcomed but in the sense of shared community.


Like I said because this place isn't associated directly with a Gawkerverse mainpage banner then there isn't the sort of very general attraction that throngs people to the other forums.

Fuck I've lost my way...Balls...

So that's what I think anyway.

Plus we bought a new kettle yesterday.