(Disclaimer: The following points are jokes, just to be clear.)

I don't spend a lot of time here talking about my teaching, because even in a mostly anonymous forum, I think there are major ethical issues with talking about students, even if one doesn't name them (seriously, FB friends, stop talking shit about your students*). With that said, the longer I teach, the more I want to start integrating some of R. Lee Ermey's pearls of wisdom from Full Metal Jacket into my teaching:

—I really want to start a semester some time by channeling his speech to new recruits at the beginning of the movie; I think the actual physical abuse might be discouraged, but hey, no way to know without trying;

—At one point, Hartman tells one of his charges (I think it was Pyle): "You had best unfuck yourself." While it might be pedagogically ineffective, there are some folks who need that message (I know I've needed it once or twice);

—Not a Full Metal Jacket reference, but one from another favorite movie: I know full well that at some point I'm going to slip up and preface a comment to a student with, "Let me tell you something, pendejo..."

*-Yes, your students are screw-ups. That's what they're there for (another one of Hartman's life lessons). Stop pretending that you weren't just as much of a screw-up when you were an undergrad. And ending a screed about the morons who can't figure out MLA or how to work a stapler with "I gave them another chance...sometimes I think I'm too nice" isn't fooling anyone. No too-nice person in the history of the universe has ever used the phrase "sometimes I think I'm too nice."