For the next week or so until the hiring people in both counties make their decisions.

Interview seemed to go well yesterday; goddammit, I can't tell anymore. There was lots of friendliness/familiarity and I gave articulate and diplomatic answers. My biggest advocate (#2 in that office, a good friend who I did trials with a couple of years ago) was out of town and I interviewed with one person I know well and 2 that I don't know as well, but one of them called me by my nickname! (My nickname is very easy to form out of my last name and lots of people use it.) Anyway, I just wrote my handwritten thank-yous. The problem is they have a preferred law school there and a new graduate from said law school is their prototypical hire. Mine is ranked better but I'm not sure that's important to them.

And I'm still waiting until "mid-July" for the job with the connection through my dad. I am flipping the fuck out. Glad the interview parts are over, but paranoid I didn't say/do the right things or that I put notes in the wrong envelopes, etc. I'm exhausted. I need out of here. This is six interviews (and four rejections) since I started looking.

So if anyone has some ether or whatever I need it over here.