Last night I binge watched True Detective since HBO had it for free. It seems everyone and their dog was gushing about the acting and story. Frankly, I found it to be a droll Twin Peaks ripoff without any substance and an abundance of scenery chewing by the Texas T-Rex. While the first two episodes were quite good, the show descended in a morass of tobacco spit, philandering and mystico-existential bullshit worthy of a sixteen-year-old who's read too much Aleistir Crowley. It became nothing more than a typical procedural (albeit with better music) of the cop with a bad homelife and personal demons, partnered with the cop/savant dropped into a land populated with swamp freaks. It was Law& Order CI in the bayou. The story of why and who was doing these kooky voudon Saturnalias was completely unexplored.

I want my eight hours back.