I don’t appreciate the tone of this post.

As you all know...I am a superfan. Therefore I can critique them because I do it out of love. The song is fine! Good maybe. Is it their best? No. But it’s better than a lot of the songs they put out in the past 10 years. At least they are doing choreography in their videos again. Do I think Nick should have done most of the singing? No—his voice is nasally, but Brian has had issues with his voice (that’s what you get fore being a Trump voter you asshat!!!). Should AJ be painting his nails still? No. Should he be wearing that white muscle tee and a kerchief? No—this isn’t a Western revival of The Birdcage. Is Howie still there? Yes. Would I bang Kevin? Yes.

Was Frida even old enough to really know who they were in their prime? I doubt it. She probably likes Justin Timberlake.

My love for them will not die.