Friday I was on a busy corner in the S.F. Financial District waiting for the light to change. A blind man approached and indicated he needed help crossing the street. I offered my arm and guided him through the heavy pedestrian traffic. When we arrived safely on the other side, he suddenly turned into an octopus.

Without warning, he swiftly and expertly started groping every inch of my privates. He ran one hand down from my chest to my crotch and and grabbed a handful of my junk while his other hand went straight for my ass which he groped forcibly before rubbing my taint. I was all WTF, Dude!! It was alarming and I walked away in stunned silence.

The way he so deftly zeroed in on the target areas lead me to conclude this wasn't his first time at the rodeo. Seems like a dangerous game because one day he's gonna pick the wrong person and things are not going to go so well for him, which got me wondering if there is some mechanism that allows him to determine who to prey on.

I know blind people have heightened senses and I'm wondering if the use of any of the other senses can indicate whether or not someone is gay. I don't believe I actually spoke to him pre- attack so the sound of my voice wouldn't have been an indicator for him. Anybody have any idea?

Here's an awesome picture of Obama boarding Air Force One in Jamaica.