Hey everyone - I’ve missed you guys! I got a job a few months ago that is taking up my entire life. I really need to figure out this work/life balance. It seems that all I do is go to work, come home in time to eat, shower and go to bed. Stupid job taking away my time from Gawker!

Anyway to the point of my headline - This past week somehow my co-workers got on the topic of politics. Which noooooooo! Because even though I live in a super liberal area, somehow I got in a department full of conservatives. So I’m keeping my head down, because other than that I like these people, and actually like this job. Until one speaks up that she hopes that Trump gets the Republican nomination because she really likes him. Then another one joins in saying how smart she thinks Trump is. Then ANOTHER one joins in saying what a good businessman Trump is. ANOTHER one joins in saying that Trump will have such good foreign relations and save this country.

At this point I can’t take it and laugh. Heads swing to me and ask why I disagree. Since most of my disagreement comes from the basis that I think Trump is an idiot - just gut feeling no concrete proof since I try not to pay attention to the guy - I pull out the multiple bankruptcies his casinos have had. Their comeback? “Exactly!!!! He’s gone through multiple bankruptcies and look how successful he still is!!!!!!”

So I’ve found Trump’s voter base. And I work with them.