Okay, I don’t like the Patriots, and quite frankly Tom has burned me enough like a friday night hooker on a football Sunday that I don’t much trust him either. On that note, I am going to go out on a limb and say that I think the football gods, aka Roger Goodell are so unworthy of any kind of trust we should not be suprised that Brady wouldn’t turn his phone over.

I know people are bringing pitch forks and torches to make “deflate gate” a big fucking deal, but it never was, this isn’t like PEDs in baseball, if it was easy for recievers to catch it would be equally easy for defensive backs to catch, this is literally about what control the NFL has over the game. Heck, the NFL feels like they can just change rules to the game any time they want! They just completely changed the entire special teams game to make it unrecognizable to any kind of rules that have stood for generations.

Special teams used to be the job creating sector of football. It was a chance to show playmaking ability. Now it is just a way for the NFL to reduce salary on players that are deemed to unimportant to get a chance to impact the game.

As big of a piece of shit I think Al Davis was, his legacy was cemented in drafting players like Ray Guy, way before anybody thought they should have been. He understood, that the smallest facets of a complex game could translate to wins, but it was the appreciation for the small facets that made competion such an important part of making the best product.

I think this is why baseball has remained my favorite game. It is a big fucking deal to all of a sudden change the rules. You don’t just all of a sudden change what was the core principles to the game. People are losing jobs, and money to rules all in the name of “player safety” when I really haven’t found much evidance that it really is protecting anybody anymore than the chance to get the once in a lifetime opportunity to make more money.


Yeah, I think there comes a point when you have to ask yourself “Is it worth it to do this to my body”, I guess I have never had the sum of my body parts be worth more than what I could sell in a year...and I especially wouldn’t trust Roger Goodell to defend integrity.