So the other day I decided, "You know what? I get that I don't want to have too much stuff in an apartment that I don't plan to live in long-term, [editor's note: it looks like I'm going to be here for a bit longer, but that's neither here nor there], but you need a better place to sleep."

I'd been using one of those air mattresses since I moved in, but I decided that I wanted something more. Okay, technically I decided that I wasn't going to be able to repair the small hole that had shown up and deflated the thing, but it sounds better if I decided that I wanted more.

Last night I bought myself a futon. The box was pretty big and unwieldy, but did I ask for help getting it in my car? No, I did not. Did I ask for help getting it up the stairs to my apartment? No, I did not. Today I assembled the thing. There was sweat. There was a little blood. Since I didn't shave this morning, there was stubble. The only interruption was a break for lunch, when I made a burger from meat I ground my own self.

Yep, I've sweated, bled, made my own food, made (well, assembled, but still) my own furniture. This may be the most butch I've ever felt in my life. At this point, I think the only thing that would add to the effect is impregnating someone for some reason.