If the Raiders can't get a win this weekend, it's pretty much 50/50 that they go 0-16.

The veteran players on the team are still convincingly saying all the right things. But it's also clear that they only have another game or two of this crap in them before they're done. If they're still winless after this weekend, with the real meat of their historically tough schedule looming, I can't really blame them.

It is absolutely incredible that this team could add an apparent franchise QB and LB through the 2014 draft, spend in the neighborhood of $40 million in free agency, and be even worse than last year. Nick Roach being lost for the season hurts bad, but c'mon, it's Nick Roach... he's not the difference between 0-16 and contention.

So even taking into account our promising 2014 draft haul, Reggie McKenzie has to pay for this shit with his job. Being worse this year than last is unacceptable. Seeing Reggie go will make 0-16 somewhat digestible, because 5-11 with him returning would be way worse in the grand scheme of things.

That being said... we do play the Niners this year. On Pearl Harbor Day (not an insignificant holiday in my household). Last year I was perfectly willing to go 1-15 if it meant shitting on fucking Bill Callahan's Cowboys on Thanksgiving. I could have lived with that. 1-15 with the "1" coming against the Niners? 1-15 Dream Season. Without an ounce of irony.


Of course, winning a handful of games before Reggie McKenzie is sent packing would be the best-case scenario. It's not the most ideal matchup this weekend though, with Cleveland having the secondary to shut down Andre Holmes, our only threat. Carr going crazy and lighting it up still sounds more realistic than our defense or special teams chipping in with big plays. The Browns losing to Jacksonville last week takes a lot of the trap game potential out of this too, which is unfortunate.

At least I'm fired up for this game though. It has "last stand" written all over it. I assume the later start in Cleveland means a large portion of this game will be played under the lights, which is always a little more fun. As if it's even possible to heighten the drama for a crucial Week 8 do-or-die game against the Browns.


Fuck me. Go Raiders.