So, I think I've reached an age where I can start saying no to activities that are good and moral and The Right Thing To Do, but I don't want to do because I've got better things to do with my life like lie in bed until noon. Yesterday, I went a-canvassing throughout Northern Virginia on behalf of the Terry McAuliffe for Governor campaign. This entailed waking at 8am, driving an hour to headquarters, driving another 30 minutes to the canvassing location, going door-to-door from noon to 4pm, driving to another location to tally the results, then driving home nearly 2 hours in a torrential downpour.

Now, some of you might say to yourselves, "I thought Graby Sauce lived in Maryland." Yes. Yes, I live in Maryland, but active/activist Democrats in Very Blue Maryland are often called upon to work in Purple Virginia, and like a dummy, I agreed to spend all day Saturday in warm, humid weather going door-to-door to talk to people who are only barely interested in the governor's race at this point. You know what people really love? Being bothered at home on their day off by a sweaty woman talking about the governor's race 4 months away.

It would be different if Terry McAuliffe was the kind of politician who made people excited about his candidacy, but he's not. He's a political opportunist, not even from Virginia (this matters to people), and got the nomination by default since he was the only person to file in the primary. He doesn't seem like a terrible person or anything (well, perhaps he's better described as only somewhat terrible— his memoir tells of leaving his wife in the delivery room or soon after the birth of each of his kids to go fund raise or discuss politics), but certainly no one for whom I would ordinarily devote an afternoon in the heat and humidity. The thing is, his opponent is the devil himself, Krazy Konservative Ken "No Coochie" Cuccinelli who opposes gay rights, birth control, abortion, blow jobs, anal sex, and turning down bribes.

Lucky for Cuccinelli, I think my canvassing days are now behind me. I've canvassed several times over the years, but yesterday let me know that I never need to do that again. I've reached my limit. I'm done. I will have to find another way to support worthy candidates.

So, Clashtalkers, what are the good and worthy activities you've tried but (fuck that shit!), you're never going to do again?